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The New whiskyandspice.ca

By Dan Gordon March 3, 2017 Most people familiar with the Whisky & Spice brand know us for our premium, artisanal mustards. Although Whisky & Spice is now a family of six mustards, my vision for the brand was always about being more than a mustard company. My vision for Whisky & Spice is to create a brand that is known for a variety of experimental, innovative, unique prepared [...]

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The Mustards

by Dan Gordon Since the fall of 2012 Whisky & Spice has been producing and selling a line of artisanal mustards that feature premium whisky, wine and craft beer. Our mustard recipes embody what Whisky & Spice is all about. At the core of the recipes is a high volume percentage of premium whisky, wine and craft beer matched with the finest quality Canadian mustard seed [...]

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Bullitt – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

by Dan Gordon May 26, 2017 It wasn’t easy to decide what to write about for my first music post. I thought to myself, why did I want to make music a part of the Whisky & Spice brand? How does music tie into food and drinks? Food and drink brings people together and when you gather people together you have a party. Let’s play word association for a [...]

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Balvenie 17 vs Glendronach 12 @ Boisdale of Bishopsgate

by Dan Gordon My whisky tasting experience at London’s Boisdale of Bishopsgate continues. You can read part one here. Spending money on a bottle of fine whisky is easy. One thing I really enjoy is finding a gem value whisky. Value whiskies serve as great ambassadors to the whisky industry and also great ambassadors to your wallet.  They demonstrate that one does not have to max out their credit [...]

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Talisker Tasting @ Boisdale of Bishopsgate

by Dan Gordon It was April 7, 2016. I was particularly excited to be staying in the Bishopsgate ward in the old City of London due to the fact that one of London’s best whisky bars – Boisdale of Bishopsgate– was situated across the street from our hotel. I had already enjoyed a few days of dry weather which allowed me to explore the Bishopsgate neighbourhood on foot with the [...]

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