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Jamaica Wine House

by Dan Gordon December 18, 2017 Tucked deep in the heart of London’s financial district backstreets you’ll find the Jamaica Wine House. Quaint, quirky, cozy and charming - if Hobbits were commissioned to build a pub, this would be it. The old City of London’s backstreets are like something out of a Harry Potter novel. They seem to exist [...]

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The Sumac

by Dan Gordon December 5, 2017. Part four of our four part series on fall colours in Ontario. You can check out parts one, two and three. The Sumac shrub is prevalent in Ontario and goes mostly unnoticed during the spring and summer while its leaves remain green. But as the weather cools, the transformation is dramatic and the [...]

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Fall Leaves

by Dan Gordon November 12, 2017. Part three of our four part series of fall colours in Ontario. You can check out part one and two. Just to recap.  It’s October 2017 and I’m spending the weekend at a friend’s cottage near Buckhorn, ON in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region.  Thanks Cheryl! There is a charming little bridge over [...]

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The Counting House

by Dan Gordon November 7, 2017. This is the first in a multi-part series on London pubs. My wife travels on business to London, England once or twice per year so I’m lucky to be able to tag along. I tell the border agents at Heathrow that she’s in London for business and I’m there for pleasure. Lucky me. [...]

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