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The Craft Beer Co – Clerkenwell

by Dan Gordon January 24, 2018. Our series on London pubs continues. Check out part one and part two. Our next stop on our London pub series was recommended to me by a Londoner living in Toronto as one of the best spots in London to enjoy some of the UK’s finest craft beers. It would be foolish to [...]

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The Peach

by Dan Gordon January 23, 2018. While grey skies continue to dominate here in Toronto/Ontario, let the peach take you back to the sweet, long, hot days of summer. Can you taste it? Cheers, Dan Gordon The Peach Toronto, Ontario

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Yellow Tomato

by Dan Gordon January 22, 2018. Here's another jolt of colour for my fellow Torontonians and anyone else suffering through another day of wet, mushy, grey, messy winter weather. The vibrant, cheerful, yellow tomato. Cheers, Dan Gordon Yellow Tomato, Toronto, Ontario

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Fairmount Market

by Dan Gordon January 19, 2019. It’s that time of year when we’re all starting to crave the colours of summer. Here’s a little trip back in time to the Fairmount Market in Toronto’s east end. Toronto hosts a number of farmer’s markets. Check out the extensive list here. Cheers, Dan Gordon Fairmount Market Toronto, [...]

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