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by Dan Gordon

I’ll try to make a long story short but this may take a bit of time. Grab a whisky, wine, beer or your favourite non-alcoholic beverage and read on.

In 2012 I launched Whisky & Spice as a food and drink photography blog.

During the summer of 2012 I was working on an editorial photography project at a local butcher shop located in the Leslieville neighbourhood in Toronto.

I had an idea to create a promotional food product for my food and drink photography blog. The goal was to bridge the gap between the online world and create something for people to hold in their hands.

A mustard seemed like an ideal product for many reasons.

Since it was to be a promotional product I wanted to create something luxurious that would grab people’s attention.

The idea of a Whisky Honey Mustard popped into my head. Since it was to be a luxury item I knew that I wanted to use a premium, branded whisky and also make the whisky a prominent ingredient in the mustard recipe.

I experimented with different whiskies, fine-tuned the recipe and started selling it at the Leslieville butcher shop.

It sold very well.

I decided to build on the success of the Whisky Honey Mustard and created two more recipes using white wine and dark beer. Those sold equally well at the butcher shop.

I went on to grow the business by selling at several local markets and fine food shops.

I received an overwhelmingly positive response to my mustard creations and the branding. I eventually expanded the line of mustards to six mustards.

Although Whisky & Spice is now a family of six mustards, my vision for the brand was always about being more than a mustard company.

My vision for Whisky & Spice is to create a brand that is known for a variety of experimental, innovative, unique prepared food products all featuring a high volume of premium spirits, wine, beer and other boozy ingredients.

In order to expand and diversify the product line in order to fully realize my vision for Whisky & Spice I’m going back to school. I will be taking a variety of culinary courses at George Brown College that will expand my knowledge in traditional cooking techniques as well as preserving, canning, pickling and fermenting.

Another big part of my vision for the brand was to create an immersive experience for my customers. I wanted to create an energetic, social atmosphere that brings people together, celebrates great flavour as well as the arts.

Since I won’t be marketing and selling anything for the next several months I thought I would create a virtual world, online, of what I always wanted Whisky & Spice to be: a celebration of the recipes that I enjoy cooking, the foods that I enjoy eating, the fine whiskies, fine wines and craft beers that I enjoy drinking, interesting visuals and great music.

This blog style version of whiskyandspice.ca is my attempt at bringing all of those elements together, sharing all of these things that I enjoy with you, my audience.

I’m always happy to receive comments and feedback. You can use the social media buttons below to email me and follow me.

Dan Gordon

About Dan

Self-taught cook.
Scotch whisky lover.
Self-taught photographer.
Proud Torontonian, born and raised.
Music lover with an eclectic taste in music.
Enjoy cooking classic comfort foods with my own twist.
Starting culinary classes at George Brown in February of 2017
Enjoy working with premium spirits, wine and beer in my recipes.
Starting to dabble with ios video, planning to get into DSLR video in 2017.
Enjoy hosting and making people happy through food, drink and atmosphere.