Burleigh Falls

by Dan Gordon

November 2, 2017

Part two of our four part series of fall colours in Ontario. You can check out part one here.

Just to recap. It’s October 2017 and I’m spending the weekend at a friend’s cottage near Buckhorn, ON in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region. Thanks Cheryl!

The weekend forecast was a little damp but I tested my luck and headed down Ontario Highway 36 from Buckhorn, ON to beautiful Burleigh Falls, ON.

The photography gods were smiling down on me and kept the rain away long enough for me to capture some photos as well as experiment with some iOS video.

Burleigh Falls is one of Ontario’s scenic gems. It’s a place where you can enjoy stunning scenery, walking trails, good eating at restaurants and bars as well as world class freshwater fishing.

I took a turn down Old Burleigh Road off Ontario Highway 28 and found a small parking area which led to a beautiful scenic views of the falls and the lake.

This gem of the spot featured several trails leading from the small parking area leading to various points to enjoy the view of the lake and the falls.

There were also signs posted indicating the fishing season regulations so my guess is that this is also a popular shoreline fishing spot.

Because of the constant threat of rain I didn’t explore too much and focused on working within the spot that I found.

Driving in and driving out I could clearly see that there are many more beautiful spots to discover within Burleigh Falls. I look forward to returning for further exploration.

If you’re seeking a “Point B” for a road trip I highly recommend that you make your way to where Ontario Highways 36 and 28 meet. You won’t be disappointed.


Dan Gordon

Burleigh Falls, ON
Fall of 2017



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