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By Dan Gordon
March 3, 2017

Most people familiar with the Whisky & Spice brand know us for our premium, artisanal mustards.

Although Whisky & Spice is now a family of six mustards, my vision for the brand was always about being more than a mustard company.

My vision for Whisky & Spice is to create a brand that is known for a variety of experimental, innovative, unique prepared food products all featuring a high volume of premium spirits, wine and craft beer.

In order to expand and diversify the product line I need to learn more so I’m going back to school.

I will be taking a variety of culinary courses at George Brown College that will expand my knowledge in traditional cooking techniques as well as preserving, canning, pickling and fermenting.

Another big part of my vision for the brand is to create an immersive experience for my audience. I want to create an energetic, social atmosphere that brings people together, celebrates great flavour as well as the arts.

Since I won’t be marketing and selling any products for the next several months I thought I would create a virtual world, online, of what I always wanted Whisky & Spice to be:

  • high quality prepared food products featuring premium spirits, wine and craft beer
  • exploring the fine whiskies, fine wines and craft beers that I enjoy drinking
  • discussing the foods that I enjoy eating
  • showcasing my photography and video along with other arts
  • exploring and sharing the music that I enjoy listening to
  • …and more.

This blog style version of is my attempt at bringing all of those elements together, sharing all of these things that I enjoy with you, my audience.

I’m always happy to receive comments and feedback. You can use the social media and email buttons below to contact me and follow our social media pages.

Dan Gordon

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