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Balvenie 17 vs Glendronach 12 @ Boisdale of Bishopsgate

by Dan Gordon My whisky tasting experience at London’s Boisdale of Bishopsgate continues. You can read part one here. Spending money on a bottle of fine whisky is easy. One thing I really enjoy is finding a gem value whisky. Value whiskies serve as great ambassadors to the whisky industry and also great ambassadors to your wallet.  They demonstrate [...]

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Talisker Tasting @ Boisdale of Bishopsgate

by Dan Gordon It was April 7, 2016. I was particularly excited to be staying in the Bishopsgate ward in the old City of London due to the fact that one of London’s best whisky bars – Boisdale of Bishopsgate– was situated across the street from our hotel. I had already enjoyed a few days of dry weather which allowed [...]

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The Mustards

by Dan Gordon Since the fall of 2012 Whisky & Spice has been producing and selling a line of artisanal mustards that feature premium whisky, wine and craft beer. Our mustard recipes embody what Whisky & Spice is all about. At the core of the recipes is a high volume percentage of premium whisky, wine and [...]

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How it all Began by Dan Gordon March 1, 2017 When I was out promoting the Whisky & Spice mustards at various markets and shops it was very common for people to ask how I got started. I would apologize for it being a bit of a long story but would try to explain as succinctly as possible that [...]

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